From White Page and Dark Space, Miracles Occur

Thank you Christina for reminding us all why we write. ❤



Something amazing is about to happen.

From your mind, all of the pieces that make up who you are, will band together to create….

Not just a story, but a living, breathing world.

You, are its god. You will sweat during its trials, smile during its triumphs, and cry among its inhabitants when they experience heartbreak.

Because they will experience heartbreak. You know that’s a part of life, and that sheltering your people from it is stealing away some of life’s bittersweet beauty. And because you love them, you will give them real life, taking away nothing. Not even heartbreak.

You are a writer. But more importantly, you are a storyteller.

Don’t take the title lightly.

From the nothing of white page and dark mind-space comes light, your breath, blown into pages, into the lungs of fictional characters…. You make them real by breathing your…

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